The Company

The company JS Marketing, which was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Schuster, manages the website

As a marketing service provider, we support companies in the optimization and further development of their digital presence and the targeted, fast, digital acquisition of new customers. This is where the idea of the website came from.

Content is becoming increasingly important in our digitalized world. Whether it is the social media presence, the website or the newsletter of a company – for all this you need content. Most of the time this cannot be produced In House, because the production of content can sometimes take up a lot of time, which is then missing for other, important projects. However, finding a content specialist to create content for you can be difficult due to the large number of experts. We have recognized this problem and would like to offer a solution aimed at finding content experts for companies.

For content experts, the acquisition of new customers can be difficult due to the high level of competition. Therefore, our goal is to offer content experts a promotion area where they can present their company and introduce their own services and offer companies. In this way, the acquisition of new customers becomes increasingly simple. Customers no longer have to be won using costly outbound methods, but find their way to the expert via an inbound interface.

In addition, we work towards differentiating content experts from competitors in the market. By listing on our site, we generate a high-quality backlink, which increases the visibility of one’s own website on Google and leads to even more customers being acquired.